Advanced C# – Learn from Open Source|Create Project List

Let us learn advanced C# concepts by building List<T> from scratch using .net framework source code as reference

What you’ll learn

  • Advanced C# Techniques
  • Learn from Source code of Microsoft .Net Framework an open source project.
  • Create List<T> implementation from scratch and learn from the challenges
  • Develop using Test Driven Development (TDD) Approach – XUnit
  • Learn about DebugBrowsable techniques used in List<T> implementation
  • Explore and learn with on how some of the interesting features within C# List<T> in .Net framework
  • Learn and Implement collection Initializer within List<T>
  • Learn and Implement Enumeration logic within List<T>
  • Learn and Implement Sorting techniques using IComparer
  • Bonus : Learning what is Net Standard


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