AWS Cloud Migration for Absolute Beginners with Demo

AWS Cloud Migration for Absolute Beginners with Demo

What you’ll learn
  • AWS Cloud Migration
  • 6 R’s of Application Migration strategies (in brief)
  • Migrating Virtual Machine from On-Prem to AWS Cloud
  • AWS VM Import and Export
  • No prerequisites needed to learn and understand the course, but its helpfull if you have very basic idea AWS services like IAM, EC2 ,S3 and AWS CLI
  • if you want to learn and do the demo along with me, You need to have VM workstation, and VM machine (Linux or Windows) with simple application installed and An AWS Account, free tier will do !!

AWS Cloud Migration is one of the very hot learning topics these days. As many of the customers are migrating their DC, Servers, VM (Virtual Machines), Databases, Applications from On-Prem Environment to Cloud (be it AWS or Azure or GCP), Cloud migration has become very needy skill set in the market these days. Here is my small effort to help everyone who want to understand a very basic of how we can migrate On-Prem VM to AWS cloud using VM Import Export features. hoping this course will be helpful to those who are looking to start understanding what AWS migration is and how easily you can migrate a VM from On-Prem to AWS Cloud.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who want to know, how to migrate VM from On-Prem to AWS Cloud
  • AWS beginners, who want to learn about AWS Migrations
  • System Administrators

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