Basic Chinese Grammar for GCSE IGCSE IB SAT AP HSK

What you’ll learn
  • -know the Basic Chinese Grammar (maybe no Grammar in certain senses)
  • -Speak basic sentences that cover greetings, date and time, feelings differentiation, etc. 11 topics.
  • – Know the big picture of Chinese language
  • – Know the Pinyin (Pronunciation System, borrowed from Western language)
  • By go through the detail of pass GCSE, IGCSE IB SAT AP HSK past papers with our in-depth expertise and explanations, we present you the Chinese Grammar in the straightforward way.
  • You may study Chinese for around 100 hours and need grammar guidance.

The greatest truths are the simplest! In simple way, Chinese Grammar is just the sequence construction of Characters, like my LEGOO name. Grammar is a borrowed concept from western language. There is no Grammar in Chinese in certain senses.

In the complicated way, Chinese Grammar can drive you to crazy! In this course, I will show you the simplest truths in my own way, if not academic way!

This basic grammar course will guidance you the: Stative verb 状态动词, Verb: to be 是, Question words 疑问词, Subject and object sentence pattern 句子结构, Adverbs 副词, Modal verb 助动词 etc. 29 topics.

This  course is based on the syllabus of IB Chinese and GCSE Chinese. The quick reference for your examination.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is designed for students who are going to attend Mandarin Chinese GCSE, IGCSE , IB, AP, SAT, HSK 3, HSK 4 examinations.
  • It is also good for Beginners to learn Chinese structures (called Grammar in certain senses).
  • The beginners can improve their vocabulary as explanations are using our unique “Sentence Builder” and “Vocabulary Builder” approach. Furthermore, the HD crystal clear video and audio explained by David YAO himself will make your learning journey pleasant and smooth.

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