Basics of Strategic Management for CA/CMA/CS/Finance Exams

Basics of Strategic Management for CA/CMA/CS/Finance Exams

What you’ll learn
  • Strategic Management – Theory
  • Strategic Management – Practice
  • No Pre-requirements

Welcome to this course Basics of Strategic Management for CA/CMA/CS/Finance Exams

Today we have dynamic business environment. Finance professionals roles are not just confined to Accounting / Auditing. They have to participate in decision making and expected to add value beyond traditional reporting. These changes were necessitated due to increasing business complexities, leap in e-commerce, significant development in  information technology and so on.

Finance professionals like CA / CMA / CS  and MBA Graduates are increasingly occupying key strategic roles in organisations like CEO, COO, Managing Directors, etc. Even practicing Finance Professionals have to appreciate the need and importance of strategic management to manage things professionally and sustain in competitive environment.

Professional courses like CA / CMA / CS have already incorporated Strategic Management in their curriculum at their Intermediate / Executive Levels.

This course will cover lectures on topics covering

a) Introduction to Management

b) 5 Functions of Management

This course is structured in self paced learning style.

Carry a note book with you to make note of key points while listening to the lectures.

Use head sets for effective listening.

See you inside the course.

Who this course is for:
  • CA Intermediate
  • CMA Intermediate
  • CS Executive
  • B Com
  • BBA
  • MBA
  • M Com

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