Cloning Vectors and Plant Biotechnology MCQ (Bio Tech)

Cloning Vectors and Plant Biotechnology MCQ (Bio Tech)

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A cloning vector is a small piece of DNA that can be stably maintained in an organism, and into which a foreign DNA fragment can be inserted for cloning purposes. The cloning vector may be DNA taken from a virus, the cell of a higher organism, or it may be the plasmid of a bacterium. The vector therefore contains features that allow for the convenient insertion or removal of a DNA fragment to or from the vector, for example by treating the vector and the foreign DNA with a restriction enzyme that cuts the DNA. DNA fragments thus generated contain either blunt ends or overhangs known as sticky ends, and vector DNA and foreign DNA with compatible ends can then be joined together by molecular ligation. After a DNA fragment has been cloned into a cloning vector, it may be further subcloned into another vector designed for more specific use

Plant biotechnologies assists in developing new varieties and traits include genetics and genomics, marker-assisted selection (MAS), and transgenic (genetic engineered) crops. It allows researchers to detect and map genes, discover their functions, select for specific genes in genetic resources and breeding, and transfer genes for specific traits into plants where they are needed

These questions will give you basic idea for Examination Preparation and/or interview on Cloning Vectors and General Plant Biotechnology.

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  • Cloning Vectors
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