Create a real estate page with Wordpress and Statik

Create a real estate page with WordPress and Statik

What you’ll learn
  • Basic WordPress configuration and theme installation, and plugins necessary for our page to work
  • Knowing tools that facilitate the assembly of the design of our site
  • Configure the customization option of our theme
  • Configuration of the ELEMENTOR plugins and its different widget
  • We are going to learn how to load our properties with the ESTATIK plugins (FREE version)

Course content
Expand all 74 lectures06:36:04
Basic configuration and installation of plugins
Activation of SSL security certificate
Plugin installation
what is a theme and how to install it
thinking about the design of our page
Create pages
Home page and menu creation
+Additional tools
4 lectures06:53
+Learning to customize our theme
16 lectures52:20
+Learning to use ELEMENTOR and its widget
17 lectures01:44:38
+ESTATIK plugin configuration and properties loading
9 lectures49:32
+Creating the sections of our real estate page
21 lectures02:40:12
  • Basic knowledge about WordPress

In this course you will learn to design a real estate page in WordPress with totally free tools, based on the ESTATIK free version plugins and the ELEMENTOR builder, you will also find tools that will help you choose the design of your site, such as the selection of icons, images and fonts.

On the other hand, we will see the basic WordPress configuration and different options to customize and give a unique style to each section of your real estate page. We will include Google Maps for each of the properties. And last but not least, you will know the plugins necessary to protect your site from external attacks.

In this incredible course you will create a page that will include:

  • Top bar of social networks and contact information
  • Navigation menu
  • Banner with main image
  • Property search engine with different filters
  • Features section
  • Featured Properties Section
  • Subscription form
  • Agents section
  • Footer
  • About us page
  • “Properties” page with different filters
  • Contact page

On the page you will work with a single currency, in the event that 2 currencies are used in your country, one for sale and one for rent, you will need to buy the PRO version of the Estatik plugins which will allow you to create a second field of ” price”.

If you are a real estate owner or a person who loves to learn new things and why not, create your own web design agency, THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY….

Who this course is for:
  • WordPress developers or anyone interested in learning about web design

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