Design of Shallow Foundation

Design of Shallow Foundation

What you’ll learn
  • Brief on Shallow foundation: Introduction, Types of Foundations, Choice of Foundation, Type and Preliminary Selection, Illustrative Examples, Questions and Problems
  • 1) Sufficient exposure to Soil Mechanics 2) Students must complete the course uploaded on soil mechanics

An intensive short duration course ideal for engineers and engineering technologists working for federal, state, or local authorities, consultants, and contractors. This course is ideal for those involved in the foundation design, and for those involved in local government work, and provides the pre-requisite learning for those wishing to undertake the expert course (Shallow foundation).

Introduction, Basic Terminologies, Assumptions and Derivation of Terzaghi Bearing Capacity Theory, Terzaghi Bearing Capacity Theory, Types of Shallow foundation, Different types of Shear failure, Numericals based on Terzaghi Bearing Capacity, Modification in Terzaghi Bearing Capacity Theory, Water Table Correction factors in Terzaghi Bearing Capacity Theory, Numericals on Water Table correction factors in Terzaghi bearing Capacity theory, Skempton Bearing Capacity for Cohesive Soil, Skempton Proposed value for Nc for different shape and size of footing, Numericals on Skempton theory, Mayerhof approach, Hansen’s Recommendations, Vesic Bearing Capacity, IS Code method, Bearing Capacity based on field test, Teng’s Formula, SPT Test procedure, SPT Correction, Determination of Net allowable bearing pressure using Peck Hansen equation, Plate Load Test, Procedure for Plate Load Test, Bearing Capacity Calculation, Static Cone Penetration Test, Bearing Capacity of Footing on Layered Soils, Factors affecting Bearing Capacity, Allowable Bearing Capacity, Peck Henson’s formula, Teng’s formula, IS code method for Raft, Settlement of Foundation, Permissible settlement in Shallow foundation, Numerical problems for a shallow foundation, Flexible footing over Granular Soils, Flexible footing over clayey soils, Rigid footing over Granular Soils, Rigid footing over Clayey Soils.

Brief on Course:

  • In this course, the student will be able to understand the various topics and terminologies used in Foundation Engineering.
  • This course will be helpful for Practicing Engineers, Consultants, Undergraduate and Post Graduate students, Researchers, Industry Specialist, Lab Instructors, and a wide array of Geotechnical Design Engineers.
  • The course covers relevant topics from Foundation Engineering and gives you an insight on various topics in detail.
  • The student will be able to design the shallow foundation using various theories described in the course module.

NOTE: The course is prepared for civil engineering students (beginners) as mentioned below in the (Basic Info) of course. The content provided in the course covers a portion of what is covered in the expert course (Shallow Foundation).

Who this course is for:
  • UG, PG, Research Scholars, Consulting Geotechnical Engineers, Industry specialist, Practicing Engineers, and Faculty members from different institutions can enrolled in course to get an insight on aspects of shallow foundation

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