DNS Server Installation & Administration-Windows Server 2016

DNS Server Installation & Administration-Windows Server 2016

What you’ll learn
  • Creating and managing DNS Zones
  • Creating and managing DNS Records
  • Root Zones and Nameservers
  • Set up DNS Scavenging
  • Round Robin Load Balancing
  • Ideally access to a test server running Windows Server 2016

DNS Server configuration on Windows Server 2016, topics covered include the following:

* Installation and Configuration of DNS Services

* Creating and managing DNS Zones

* Creating and managing DNS Records

* Explanation of special record types and reverse DNS

* Root Zones and Nameservers

* Load balancing

* Configuring DNS Scavenging

* Securing DNS in a production environment

Ideally, any practice should be done on a test environment, as some configuration changes can have wide-spread impact on your organisation if done incorrectly.

Who this course is for:
  • IT Support Technicians wishing to learn about DNS server management

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