Drones For Beginners 2020

Drones For Beginners 2020

What you’ll learn
  • Understand the theory behind how drones work.
  • Understand the main concepts involved in radio controlled model flying.
  • Understand the individual components that make up a drone.
  • Build a complete drone from scratch.
  • An excitement towards building a model aircraft from scratch
  • Purchase either a drone build kit or source the parts from the parts list provided.
  • Have basic electronic knowledge including how to use a soldering iron
  • Have basic tool handling experience such as wire strippers and pliers

step-by-step video guide to understanding and building your very own drone. The course will take someone who has little to no prior experience with radio controlled model flying to someone that fully understands all the basic concepts by building a drone from scratch.

You should take this course if you want to fast track your understanding of the field instead of tirelessly reading countless forums to get a basic understanding of the hobby.

In the course we’ll build a super-fast racing quadcopter which can be built on a budget. The concepts talked about can be applied to any type of multi-rotors, even the ones used to carry expensive video equipment by filming crews!

Course is structured in a way that it fully explains the theory and demonstrates the build in a very easy to understand manner.

How long the course takes to complete depends on how much time you allocate to it and how much experience you have with similar projects.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is aimed at complete beginners with no prior knowledge of building a radio controlled drone. The course is probably not for you if you are already well experienced in building and flying drones.

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