eGuide to Create Dynamic Maps using R Programming

eGuide to Create Dynamic Maps using R Programming

Begin with this eGuide to learn different types of dynamic maps using various packages of R programming language. It covers packages like gridExtra, Lock5Data, maps, mapproj, corrplot, ggplot2 & others. You will create a dynamic map using the dataset that helps in analyzing the range of votes to be given to the mentioned geographical region.

Along with the basic overview of dynamic maps, ggmap & R programming, this eGuide shows you the installation of all the required tools. Later on, you will analyze & use the dataset for plotting required maps.

With this eGuide, you will learn:

  • Basic intro to dynamic maps

  • Installation of required packages

  • Understanding the parameters of the dataset

  • Plotting the geographical regions

  • Generating the region wise maps

  • Geographical plots with defined regions with specific colors

Show off your data science skills by creating dynamic maps using R programming in no time!


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