Exploring VirBELA 3D University Campus: Virtual Adventure

Welcome to the Future of College in 3D

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how to download and set-up VirBELA software on PC or MAC to navigate on a virtual adventure
  • Know what are team suites and explore the next-generation 3D virtual offices that are on the rise inside VirBELA (with passcode protection enabled)
  • Go on an adventure in the open 3D Campus and learn how to make use of the VirBELA auditorium for conducting events in 3D
  • Go through the other functions and features in VirBELA including public chat, private bubbles, resolution or window display settings etc.
  • Learn to create a 3D character inside VirBELA to use for navigating before the start of the educational adventure
  • Learn about events happening inside the 3D campus VirBELA and know how to attend them



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