Fundamentals of Wine Tasting – Taste Wine like a Sommelier

Fundamentals of Wine Tasting - Taste Wine like a Sommelier
What you’ll learn
  • Learn how to taste wine like a professional sommelier
  • Understand the technical aspects of identifying aroma and palate notes in wine
  • Discover techniques to be able to blind taste wine
  • Sweetness or fruitiness? Acidity or Alcohol? Decipher the structure of wines
  • Train your palate to effectively taste wine and become a wine tasting guru
  • Is your wine faulted? After this course you’ll be able to identify various wine faults
  • Learn deductive tasting methods that will empower you for various wine exams
  • A fundamental knowledge of wine, gained by our Crash Course
  • A few glasses of wine to drink along

Whether you are blind tasting wine for pleasure or training for one of the systematic deductive tasting method exams, this course will empower you with all the fundamental knowledge for wine tasting. Sommelier and TV Host, Ryan Vet, will take you through this in-depth, advanced course for wine tasting. After taking this course your appreciation for wine will be deepened and you will be further equipped to pass one of the many wine certifications with flying colors.

In this wine tasting course, we will explore how to properly taste wines like a sommelier. Students will learn how to identify colors and hues, identify key tasting notes as well as structural elements.

Learning how to blind taste wine is not a magic trick. Through a series of deductive reasoning, you too can be able to identify and narrow down the potential wines in your glass. First you must understand how to use the deductive and systematic methodologies for tasting wine like a sommelier.

While this course is not affiliated with any certifying body, it can help to prepare for you exams such as the Society for Wine Educators, Wine and Spirit Education Trust and the Court of Master Sommeliers. This course is not a substitute for their materials but an additional resource for you as you learn how to study the deductive wine tasting and systematic wine tasting method.

Who this course is for:
  • Wine lovers with a basic knowledge of wine looking to learn how to properly and professional taste wine like a sommelier


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