Get Over Your Breakup and Elevate Your Life (only for men)

Get Over Your Breakup and Elevate Your Life (only for men)

What you’ll learn
  • Learn how to use the breakup as an opportunity to improve yourself.
  • A decision that you want to move on from your EX.

Are you ready to finally put that painful relationship breakup behind you, and to start living a happy and fulfilling life, one where your happiness is in the main focus?

Between us (Borko and Johannes) it has taken years of research, experience, study, and travelling the World learning more about how different cultures handle painful situations, and more, to learn every single strategy and technique included in this course, and it was all worth it.

What we discovered makes finding getting over a breakup SO MUCH EASIER, with less pain along the way, and you won’t have to spend all those years putting in the work, like we did!

What took us over 10 years to understand and put into practice, can be yours in just 6 weeks – maybe even less if you want it to be.

What You’ll Learn

This program helps understand why you feel the way you feel, how to process your emotions, why it’s so important to have closure on past relationships, how to change the frame through which you view your past relationships, and how to forgive, to REALLY forgive.

The science behind how you feel and what you can do to change it.

Tips that can help you to overcome the blues and bounce back better than before.

The importance of taking care of yourself before others.

How to “fill your cup”.

7 Modules, 30 lessons, more then 60 research incorporated into it.

Who this course is for:
  • Every men that had a breakup.

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