Guide to interviewing for and landing any job in technology

Guide to interviewing for and landing any job in technology

What you’ll learn
  • How to get ANY job or internship you want
  • How to write a standout resume that will highlight your skills
  • How to prepare for an interview and ace every question
  • How to stand out and make the interviewer remember you
  • How to negotiate your job offer and earn up to $20k/year more
  • How to get any job or internship you want in technology
  • How to land an interview with any company
  • How to crush any interview, whether technical or behavioral
  • No! Anyone and everyone can benefit from this course!

Welcome to the complete guide to acing your job search and landing your dream job in technology! This 2.5 hour complete career course will teach you everything to know about interviewIng skills, making a resume and cover letter, networking, and everything in between.

This course is taught by accomplished Mircosoft Program Manager and entrepreneur, Philip, who previously interned at ZX Ventures and the infamous startup Juicero, plus received offers from Google, Uber, Intuit, and other tech giants.

Ready to take your career to the next level and get your dream job or internship in technology? The average tech salary is $135k, and this could be yours too with thousands of unfilled positions in one of the fastest growing spaces in the world.

This comprehensive complete career course contains more than 30 lectures, resume templates, networking emails examples, tips to acing your interview, and dozens of other downloads and exercises to help you:

  1. Get ANY job you want,
  2. Create the perfect resume to land your dream job,
  3. Network and stand out better than your peers so you will secure your ideal job or internship,
  4. Interview better than anyone else (you will be able to ace the “tell me about yourself” question, prepare for technical and behavioral interviews, and be able to answer ANY interview question thrown at you),
  5. Negotiate your offer to get up to $20,000 more per year,
  6. and much more…

I want you to learn from the mistakes I made and the accomplishments I had so you can reach your full potential. This course highlights everything I have learned through hundreds of job applications, interviews, and offer negotiations. Through thousands of hours of providing recruiting advice, interview prep, and job search advice, in addition to my own networking, recruiting, and interviewing, I have accumulated valuable information to help you land your dream technology job or internship. This course consolidates everything I learned and conveys it in an easy to understand manner.

I have mentored many people using the concepts in this course and they have all achieved incredible success in life, and I am eager to help you do the same! This course is for every age, every industry, every career and everyone.

Ready to take your career to the next level?

30 day money back guarantee.



Who this course is for:
  • College students looking for an internship
  • Graduate students looking for an internship
  • Professionals looking for a job
  • College students searching for a job
  • Individuals looking for a job
  • Individuals looking for a technology job
  • College students looking for a job
  • Graduate students looking for a job
  • Anyone who is in a current job search!

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