High-Growth Entrepreneurship: Unleashing Silicon Valley

High-Growth Entrepreneurship: Unleashing Silicon Valley

What you’ll learn
  • You will learn the ‘how’ part of entrepreneurship apart from ‘what’ with illustration from Silicon Valley as an ecosystem
  • You will build skills to use business model canvas for high-growth entrepreneurship
  • You will build analytical skills in using customer development model
  • You will practically pursue your idea to build a high growth company
  • You will develop lean startup related thinking and its application
  • You will understand BML look
  • You will be able to use metrics for startups
  • You will understand the difference between business plan and business model
  • You will be able to build problem-solution fit
  • Your will be able to build product-market fit
  • You just need to have a passion for something that you would like to pursue!

For majority of the aspiring entrepreneurs, understanding the Silicon Valley and its entrepreneurial ecosystem has not yet been covered in existing courses. I take an angle to illustrate the ‘how’ part of entrepreneurship through my own experience and experience from others like highly revered professor Steve Blank, or Eric Rise to name a few.

While we base majority of the discussions around these gentlemen’s contribution to entrepreneurial practice, we do not forget the traditional gurus like Geoffrey Moore through is ‘crossing the chasm’ concept.

First, I introduce Customer Development Model practiced by many entrepreneurs in the Valley and around the world as suggested by Steve Bank. Then I trace the development of this model further in Lean Startup concept of Eric Ries and how it can be applied in practice.

Second, I break these models into business model creation vs execution parts and illustrate it with concrete examples. Here we borrow from Alex Osterwalder to use his Business Model Canvas.

Third, I request you to actually do the exercise of creating your own idea through business model canvas. We depart completely from business plan concept.

Fourth, I conclude the course with my own experience from Nokia and Finnish startup ecosystem which is not becoming an entrepreneurial hot bed.

I wait you inside! Please join the course now!

Who this course is for:
  • Founders and Co-founders of startups
  • Students in business, computer application, bioinformatics, industry 4.0 technologies

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