Kotlin Fundamentals with Android Studio

Kotlin Fundamentals with Android Studio

What you’ll learn
  • Configure Android Studio
  • Build your First App
  • Learn more about Kotlin
  • Run App and share it with all Device

Course content
Expand all 9 lectures01:47:24
First look & Install
Install JDK and Android Studio for Mac
Install JDK and Android Studio for Windows
Android Emulator
+Build an App
3 lectures55:55
+Run the App
2 lectures12:48
  • PC or MAC

In this exciting course, students take a dive into Mobile App development using Kotlin for Android. Students start with learning the foundational concepts, including an in-depth overview of Kotlin and configuration. From there, students Install JDK for Android Studio, on both MAC and PC.

Once students have a firm understanding on the basic setup, the instructor guides students through development and deployment of their first App project.

This hands-on course is exactly what you need, if you are starting out in the world of Mobile App Development.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who want to build the first app
  • Application developers
  • Everyone interested in development

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