Laravel 7.X from beginners to master.

Laravel 7.X from beginners to master.

What you’ll learn
  • How To Install Laravel
  • How To Create A Complete CRUP APP In Laravel
  • Learn Basic Routing
  • Learn How To Use PHP Artisan Commands
  • Learn How To Create Models & Controllers
  • Learn How To Create Views Using Blade
  • Connect Website To Database & Create Tables

Course content
Expand all 81 lectures13:17:17
Settingup Laravel project
Settingup Laravel project1
Model View Controller Concept
Basic routing
Basic routing1
Dynamic route
Blade templating
Blade templating1
Blade templating2
Installation, project configuration, routes and controller.
7 questions
+Models and Migrations
3 lectures27:49
+Viewing Data In laravel
5 lectures38:18
+Saving Data in Laravel
4 lectures45:13
+Edit, Update, and Delete Data in Laravel
11 lectures02:09:23
+Setting up freelancers project and Importing Template in Laravel.
10 lectures01:37:59
+Profile and Category creations
10 lectures01:30:37
+Read, edit, update and delete
14 lectures02:10:00
+Sessions and Authentification
12 lectures01:41:29
  • Intermediate PHP knowledge
  • Basic Object Oriented Programming Skills
  • Basic Understanding Of Html & Css

In this course, we ‘re going to be learning from scratch and step by step, how to create a web app for freelancers management.

We ‘re gonna learn :

  1. How to create and view freelancers;
  2. How  to edit, update and delete data in Laravel;
  3. How to save and view freelancers images;
  4. How to update and delete images from the database and the project folder;
  5. How to delete data from the trash and restore it;
  6. How to create an authentication system for users;
Who this course is for:
  • Intermediate PHP Developer
  • Web Developers Who Want to Take Their Skills To A Higher Level
  • Web/Software Developers Who Want To Learn Laravel
  • Junior/Senior PHP Developers Who Want Learn Laravel

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