Learn How To Make The Best Podcast And With Hosting

Learn How To Make The Best Podcast And With Hosting

What you’ll learn
  • Learn how to make a Podcast
  • Learn A Well-Kept Secret for FREE Podcast Hosting
  • Post a new episode in under 15 minutes (not including recording and editing time)
  • Build and install your own popular show with Podcast
  • Find out how to build fan followers from fabulous friends
  • Find out how iTunes and Apple can send millions of listeners of Podcasts to your Show
  • The secret of ranking on iTunes, the King Kong of Podcasting
  • How to conduct interviews around the world
  • How to choose the best microphone for your Show
  • A strong desire to learn how to create a Podcast
  • You must be familiar with your computer and where you store and organize your files, particularly your MP3 recordings for your Podcasts
  • You must have a basic understanding of the internet, how to find websites, send emails, fill out forms
  • All instructions are given on a Macbook Pro. If you have a PC, most of the instructions are the same. Only the instructions on audio editing are different
  • It is helpful to know the topic of copper you want to create your Podcast for. This course does not cover how to choose a topic for your program
  • It does address the topic of how to find popular topics in your niche that serve as discussions. You decide what your program will be about. I teach you how to do so that you never run out of topics to talk about.

Updated October 13 (my birthday!), 2015.


Discover how to make a Podcast – Quick, Easy and with the best Podcast Instructor you can find! Join the group of successful students who are learning and using Power Podcast to position themselves as EXPERTS, building relationships, increasing their influence, increasing their sales, and changing the world.

What is a Podcast? It is an audio or video program that when you subscribe to them, they are automatically updated on your Computer, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets and / or iPods. Think of them as radio shows on TV that can send Spam Free and directly to your audience every time you make one.

Podcast is much bigger than you think. When we interview people who listen to Podcast-Audios at least once a month, we discover a Power Podcast FACT: Podcasts earn mega miles from AM / FM Radio, streaming audio, CD and music channels on TV and Sirius !!!

“Power Podcasting Rocks!”

“Scott is friendly and very easy to follow. Obviously he knows Podcasting well. All the tools are here and laid out in a simple way. I think this is an excellent course! I was amazed at how popular the Podcast is. It is an extraordinary marketing tool that I overlooked. Excellent education. ” ~ Dan Kobelt

If you only noticed the number of people who listen to Podcasts monthly! Podcasts are as popular as Twitter with over 39 million listeners, but instead of communicating impersonally with 150 characters per twitter, with Power Podcasting you get directly to the head of your niche for as long as your audience will. allow.

Podcasts are portable – and therefore more personal. Imagine whispering into your ideal customer’s ear every week … building strong relationships, trust and interconnectedness. But instead of One-to-One, Power Podcasting is One-to-Many. People who do Power Podcast (PowerPocasters) know that Podcasting builds relationships in the sales process, leading to successful closing of a sale.

Podcast listeners are people with higher salary levels. They listen to about an hour and forty minutes more audio daily than the average North American client. They are dedicated to continuous learning, so imagine what would happen when your Podcast is on the air and available in new cars around the world!

According to Chris Ducker, Author of # 1 Bestseller ‘Virtual Freedom’,

Power Podcasting “allows you to express your personality in a much more powerful way than is possible with simple words in a written document. The clarity in the message that you transmit is perceived and felt through your actions (on video) and your tone of voice… ”

When you get your position in the Power Podcasters course, you will have permanent access to it online to see it 24/7, and you get a discussion section with Questions and Answers about each lesson, where you can post your own questions, doubts and comments – I answer them personally!

By completing and completing each lesson simply explained, you can work through the process of creating your own Podcast and publishing your first episode quickly.

This course has been designed to accomplish one goal: Make you a Power Podcaster as fast as possible! I recommend that you see the first 6 sections in full. You will find PDF Worksheets that have been included for you and that you can use to clarify your topic, title, description, intros and extros of your Podcast.

For ‘Type A’ personalities there is a “Quick Track” Lesson (Section 1, Lesson # 6), in which you have already finished your MP3 or MP4 file, and it tells you what lessons you should see so that after watching 33 minutes video you have your Podcast live on iTunes. In other words, Your Podcast can be rolling in less than an hour.

The technical processes of Power Podcasting are only one aspect of successful Podcasting. Walk with me for some real life examples of Podcast production, discover how to effectively use your voice to move your audience, discover how to give purpose to your content so that the Podcast that you may already be doing is enriched and you can finish it more quickly and effectively.

“Power Podcasting will grow your email list, your audience, your influence and your bank account”; So said Amy Porterfield of “Tweet This” and who has been the Social Media Manager for Harley Davidson and Tony Robbins

Podcasting is growing very quickly and thanks to “CarPlay” and the “Podcast Apps” it will continue to grow for years to come. It has just passed its first phase and has enormous potential whose movement into the future is not for nothing or anyone!

Don’t miss out on this wave of low-competition and high-demand opportunities that your fellow Podcasters are already enjoying.

“Excellent content that kept my attention alert”

“It is obvious that Scott has a great deal of knowledge and experience on the subject and he shares them with simplicity. I am a novice and he has inspired me to believe that even I can do this! Other courses bore me and I get lost, but not Scott. makes it entertaining, easy and fun to learn ” ~ Marion Baker

Who this course is for:
  • No previous Podcasting experience is required
  • If you have ever wondered how to create a Podcast, this course will teach you easy and fun ways to create them.
  • Future Podcast Servers (Hosts) and Executive Producers
  • If you have a message that you want to share with the world, this course is for you
  • Ideal for Speakers, Coaches, Authors, NGOs / Non-Profits, Small Businesses, SOHO, Individual Entrepreneurs, and Local Businesses
  • Especially useful for Udemy instructors who want more students
  • Great if you want to create a new lead source for your business
  • We start with the basics: How to build your podcast, how to record your MP3, how to publish your first episode on Podcast, etc. Then we go into more advanced topics, such as: Increasing your audience with YouTube, etc. How to be more effective with your voice

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