Learn Java Programming From Scratch

What you’ll learn
  • Variables
  • Objects
  • Strings
  • Functions
  • Object Oriented Java Programming

Course content
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Learn Java Programming From Scratch
Java Tutorial – Lecture Two
Java Tutorial – Lecture Three
Java Tutorial – Lecture Four
Java Tutorial – Lecture Five
  • You will need the internet

Why this course?

You see a lot of courses out there talking about basics for Java, and they are good to bring beginner into the world of Java programming. Yet, you don’t just stop at learning basics, and you need to know some more advanced concepts on various topics and best practices. That’s the motivation for this course.

How to follow the course?

Each section covers a topic in Java and then each topic is broken down into several lessons. Most of the time, you will see me showing the code and explaining the concepts. Sometimes you may want to pause the video and refresh on some of the knowledge on Java basics, or search for more materials on the topic so that you can have a deeper understanding, as I can’t cover all of them in the course. Also, if you can practice writing your own code at the end of each of lesson, you will double your learning efficiency.

You will learn basics of programming in Java – how to work with variables, data types, loop control, arrays, methods and at the end of the course will be a quick glance to the object oriented programming. After you finish this course, you will know the basics of Java programming and you will be able to write a small Java application.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners to Java programming should take this course

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