Learn Python and the basics of programming with Donald Trump

Learn Python and the basics of programming with Donald Trump

What you’ll learn
  • Python
  • Logic
  • Computer Programming
  • A desktop or notebook (Tablet won’t do it!)

This course has an approach that doesn’t overload students with information they won’t need, and injects the knowledge as students evolve so that they can absorb the information more naturally. Ideal for those who are starting or for those who have tried everything, but coding is still an enigma.

No prior knowledge of Python or programming is required! This course teaches the basics of computer programming through teaching Python.

Because this course assumes you know nothing, it will also teach you to think like a developer, so all the logic and fundamentals can be applied to other programming languages.

You might be asking yourself, why would the President of the United States (who by the way, was too busy to write this description and asked me to do it for him) might want to teach Python? Well, because he can, of course.

Yes, you can expect to have some fun during this course, which I think is key to learning to code. Many people attempt to learn, many fail. My theory is that this is because they don’t learn to like it. There are a number of courses, books, and tutorials out there, I believe most fail at making it simple and enjoyable, some are too theoretical, others embed unnecessary jargons and or complicated maths into the curriculum.

Donald Trump believes computer programming should be easier than building a wall, and that’s the approach he takes in this course.

Who this course is for:
  • Human beings wishing to learn to code

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