Mobile Rapid Prototyping: Build a demo in 1 hour

Mobile Rapid Prototyping: Build a demo in 1 hour

What you’ll learn
  • Create prototypes in minutes
  • Learn to anymate your prototypes
  • Learn how to design a mobile app prototype
  • Create animations for your prototypes
  • A computer
  • Basic use of a PC
  • Some design background could be useful

If you’re in the design industry, changing career path or you’re an entrepreneur… Anybody who needs to create prototypes for mobile and web, to show your clients, co-workers or investors how the real world-app will look and feel like, this course is definitely your best choice!

You’ll learn how to design your prototypes in collaboration with teammates in a very user-friendly platform, which will lead to a more efficient way to work and get things done!

You’ll learn how to design from scratch a mockup and prototype, which will later become the foundation of more projects and practice so you can become proficient designing in no-time!

In this course we focus on learning from the basics of prototype design, why it’s so important, what things you need to take into consideration before even drawing, a bit of theory and a practical hands-on project so you can design whatever you want and use your phone and PC to make it work in minutes!

Who this course is for:
  • Designers, Animators, Entrepreneurs

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