Network Operations Center Engineer

Network Operations Center Engineer

  • Network Engineer

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Network operations center (NOC) engineers are in charge of providing engineering support for network connectivity issues, as well as working as a liaison for carriers and other information technology (IT) technicians in their organization. They are responsible for solving and preventing data outages with wired and wireless system connection hardware. In addition, they communicate with the help desk, and other on-site system professionals to provide issue resolution in a prompt manner.

NOC engineers solve circuit outages, and and monitor device up time. They configure and install networking equipment as needed, as well as actively participate in upgrading projects for more efficient system support. Another task performed by NOC engineers includes performing maintenance in network hardware devices such as routers, range extenders, and switches. They also serve as the backup for the data communications analyst. Generally, NOC engineers report their progress to the operations manager or supervisor in their department.

These professionals should have strong interpersonal skills to handle client complaints, as they are generally the individual who handles issues that are escalated by other NOC technicians. They must be able to multitask and handle a variety tasks assigned by their supervisor. They must work effectively on their own, but also work well in a team environment.

A bachelor’s degree in network administration, computer science, system engineering, or a similar field is required for this job. They must have working experience with system repair, engineering tasks, and other troubleshooting activities. They should have advanced organization skills, which are used to keep accurate inventory for computer replacement parts. In addition, previous experience with networking administration and protocols, as well as additional industry certifications, are often preferred.

Who this course is for:
  • NOC engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Technician
  • Hardware Engineer

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