PHOTOSHOP 2020 Fundamentals for BEGINNERS

PHOTOSHOP 2020 Fundamentals for BEGINNERS

What you’ll learn
  • You will professionally master the use of layers, selections and masks
  • You will apply retouching to a photograph responsibly
  • You will know the parts of Photoshop in detail
  • You will know Photoshop tools and their uses
  • You will learn to create different document formats for different graphic pieces
  • You will know the basics to create necessary photomontages
  • You will see other participants’ works as a reference
  • Windows or Macos computer
  • Photoshop CC Installed
  • Eager to learn

THE BASIC PHOTOSHOP 2020 course for BEGINNERS is a course that seeks to enable participants to master the smallest aspects of the program, aspects that are discarded many times when someone explains a video tutorial and that cause frustration to the person who is practicing . Our methodology in this Photoshop course is simple, consolidating the basic concepts so that any beginner has the solid bases to make photomontages at an advanced level. This course has a student community, so you will see other participants’ works that will serve as a reference and motivation to do your own.

Once the course is finished AND you have completed the practices, you will have FREE access to the Masterclass: How to live from graphic design on the internet.

I wait for you in the course 🙂

Who this course is for:
  • The computer fan who wants to learn new things
  • Design and advertising students who want to learn digital design
  • Students of related careers related to computing
  • Student fond of photographic post-production

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