Power BI & Business Intelligence: from 0 to 100

Power BI & Business Intelligence: from 0 to 100

What you’ll learn
  • Organization and structuring of data-oriented projects
  • Data cleaning, transformation and modeling
  • Development of advanced and interactive dashboards
  • Carry out a Business Intelligence project from start to finish
  • Using all kinds of graphics available in Power BI
  • To make your own indicators / measurements with DAX
  • Being a Windows user
  • Download Power BI Desktop (Free)
  • Eager to learn

The course is focused in a practical way in its entirety, with all the resources and downloadable practices and divided into 6 parts that will allow you to acquire advanced knowledge.

1. Introduction

In this section you will learn what Business Intelligence is, we will download Power BI and you will know how we will work throughout the course.

2. Knowing Power BI

We will take our first steps with Power BI loading files and knowing the interface through a practical example in which we will make our first dashboard.

3. Cleaning, modeling and data transformation

Every data-oriented project must have a clear and defined structure to work in the most efficient way possible. In this section we will apply all the necessary techniques, through the query editor and through practical cases, to be the most effective in achieving our objectives.

4. Visualizations

We will see all the graphics that Power BI offers and we will learn what each one is for, when to use them and how to format them so that they are visually professional in our report.

5. DAX

Dax is the programming language that Power BI uses. Through this section we will learn to develop all kinds of indicators and measures that will allow us to obtain very detailed information from our data. We will start from the most basic level, explaining at all times how to use the functions and formulas to achieve the results.

6. COVID-19 Project

We will analyze the virus situation by carrying out a real Business Intelligence project:

-We will define objectives

– We will import the files

– We will carry out all the necessary transformation in the data

– We will make our own control measures and indicators

– We will make an advanced advanced control panel that will allow us to check the degree of progress / stabilization of the virus at all times

Who this course is for:
  • Interested in Power BI
  • Interested in Business Intelligence and the creation of dashboards
  • Students who want advanced knowledge of data management and analysis

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