SAP C_BOCR_08 Application Associate Crystal Report Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) Whichever method you can use to insert field objects in Crystal report?

a) Select Field from the Insert menu.

b) Right-click on the location where you want the object to the display field, and then select Insert object field from the context menu.

c) Click on the name of the field, drag it to the desired position and release the mouse button to paste.

d) Click on the field button on the Formatting toolbar.

e) None

Q) You need a report that shows all the customers and allow the reader to display the report or a report that lists all of the days in the month to date, or view only customers daily sales of more than $ 5,000, you decide to use report alerts to accomplish this. That the formula correctly defines the state of anxiety?

a) Sum (Orders.Order sum {} {} Orders.Order Date “daily”)> 5000

b) Sum ({Orders.Order Date} {number} Orders.Order “daily”)> 5000}

c) If the amount (Orders.Order {many}, {Orders.Order Date} “daily”)> 5000 THEN cr Condition = “Enabled”

d) If the amount (Orders.Order {many}, {Orders.Order Date} “daily”)> 5000 THEN Warning Message = “Enabled”

e) None

Q) What are two formulas you can use to determine whether a string is the number of the contents? (Choose two.)

a) ECHISLO (Orders.Customer {ID})

b) Text Number (Orders.Customer {ID})

c) Is Numeric (Orders.Customer {ID})

d) Numeric Text (Orders.Customer {ID})

Q) In Crystal Reports, selecting multiple objects at the same time the report. What are the two menu options are available when you right-click on one of the selected items? (Choose two.)

a) Step

b) insert

c) delete

d) copy

e) Cut

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