Soil Mechanics Solved Examples - Consolidation

Soil Mechanics Solved Examples – Consolidation

What you’ll learn
  • How to solve soil mechanics consolidation problems step-by-step
  • Example: settlement under a footing, pore pressure variation due to consolidation, secondary consolidation settlement
  • You already have studied lectures, textbooks, etc. and need excellent solved examples
  • Ready to solve assignements/exams/projects

This 3-hour course presents a step-by-step solution to a comprehensive range of 1-d consolidation problems for civil engineering students and professionals.

It covers the gap that exists in mainstream curricula that lack sufficient coverage of solved examples due to time limitations.

I have carefully selected the course problems so that they match those that you may come across in your assignments or exams. The course is also applicable to real-life settlement problems in clayey soils.

Who this course is for:
  • Civil Engineering Students
  • Civil Engineers and professionals

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