Technology Strategy Success

Technology Strategy Success

What you’ll learn
  • Technology Strategy Process
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology Portfolio
  • Office programs
  • Strategic Planning skills

Enterprises need to select between technologies and solutions. A clear direction, measurements and options are needed to success. This course will teach how to create technology strategy successfully!

Technology strategy aims to recognize current strengths and weaknesses of organization’s technology portfolio.  Later you need to collect information about future opportunities and threats to make strategic decisions about direction the enterprise need to go next.

Research and development department and each individual needs alignment to strategy, goals and objectives. This comes from Technology Strategy Success. Business people need to think about competitors and market and feedback strategic decisions based on this. Investing in current and future technologies is only way to survive in market.

To start creating technology strategy enterprise needs absorptive capacity for new technologies, new skills  and capabilities. Then it’s possible to have an ability to differentiate by organizational culture and history, keep on track.

Enroll the course and learn your first enterprise level technology strategy basics and be able to make it. This course will give you techniques and template to success!

Who this course is for:
  • Managers
  • Technology officers

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