The Machine Learning Course

The Machine Learning Course

What you’ll learn
  • Descending The Right Curve
  • Validating Machine Learning
  • More Of Machine Learning
  • Math Behind Machine Learning

Course content
Expand 7 lectures35:40
The Machine Learning Course
Descending The Right Curve – Part 1
Descending The Right Curve – Part 2
Validating Machine Learning – Part 1
Validating Machine Learning – Part 2
More Of Machine Learning – Part 1
More Of Machine Learning – Part 2
  • Beginners level knowledge for working with Data .
  • Programming knowledge not required.

In the world of today and especially tomorrow machine learning will be the driving force of the economy. No matter who you are, an entrepreneur or an employee, machine learning will be on your agenda.It’s time to get your hands dirty and dive into one of the hottest topics on this planet.Besides self driving cars, one of the main challenges in machine learning is textanalysis. Figuring out which text is relevant or what is the sentiment of certain comments could drastically improve performance on all kinds of issues. Just think about the presidential election or the stockmarket development. Impossible is nothing.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone Interested to learn Machine Learning

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